Welcome to Zingela Films, the home of the Hunt Production company.


Where we stand

Zingela films is committed to fair and ethical hunting practices. Being based in the Eastern Cape we are exposed to many different outfitters and hunting practices with varying skills and specialities. We only support outfitters who support fair chase hunting and we in no way support “canned” hunting of animals bred in captivity or otherwise.  Hunting is about the stalk and the chase, make sure you have an authentic hunting experience where ever your next trip takes you.


Zingela Films is a production company specializing in hunt and safari video. We are based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and our team consists of a group of young cinematographers with a passion for both film and the outdoors. We’re here to make your experience a memory that you can truly take home with you. We’re available to travel to where ever your adventure takes you so give us a call when you’re booking and we’ll be there.

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